Review task for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
医学与药学 英文

We are looking for reviewers for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Systematic review and/or meta-analysis of the use of TCM for ischemia-reperfusion injury

  • Biological and pharmacological activity of TCM for ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • In vitro and in vivo study and toxicity evaluation of TCM for ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • Active component screening of traditional medicine in ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • Characterization of active ingredients in herbal plants that have prevention and therapy properties for ischemia-reperfusion injury

  • Quality control of effective Chinese herbs for ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • Clinical trials on TCM for pain management ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • Integrative applications of traditional medicine and modern medicine in ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • Omics of traditional medicine in ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

  • Challenges in the use of traditional medicine in ischemia-reperfusion injury prevention and therapy

If your research focus are related to the above subjects, you are welcomed to join us as a reviewer.

As a reviewer, you are expected to give your comments based on the principles of objectivity, fairness and professionalism, and offer a chance to the authors to improve the manuscript. 

Here are the tips for the reviewers:

1) Candidates will be invited by journal editors for peer review and provide their comments in English.

2) All reviewers are expected to complete their review within 10 days.

3) It is suggested that the reviewer’s comments include both the overall evaluation (eg. significance, novelty, highlights, defects) and the specific suggestions (at least 5 points).

After AIS confirms your application, please kindly send your name, affiliation, and affiliation e-mail to the email in the attachment.

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2. 完成期限


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Instructions for Reviewers

Please review the manuscript objectively, and carefully complete the report. The report will be assessed and remuneration will be provided based on the result of assessment. Thank you for your cooperation.

The report will be evaluated by its integrity and reference value. Should no professional guidance be provided in the report, the report will be rejected and the task will be terminated

1.1 Integrity [5 points]

[Ⅰ]. 0.2 point / item (8 items in total), items of secondary importance;

[Ⅱ]. 0.4 point / item (3 items in total), items of primary importance;

[Ⅲ]. 0.8 point / item (3 items in total), items of primary importance; assessment and comments on these items need to be made from two aspects: the logical flow in writing and the research topic, and only 0.4 point will be given if either aspect is not evaluated.

1.2 Reference value [5 points]

You need to provide professional modification suggestions based on the logical flow in writing, research topic and other issues regarding the manuscript. Modification suggestions are divided into three levels: general, clear, and detailed, which deserve 0, 1, and 2 points, respectively.

2. Task turnaround

You need to return the completed report within 7 days. If necessary, contact the editor to apply for an extension of the deadline. For any breach of the agreed deadline in other cases, the task will be terminated and no remuneration for the task in question will be provided

3. Miscellaneous

You are free to review manuscripts by your personal habits (e. g., making revisions or leaving comments in the original text), but the evaluation needs to cover all items listed in the report. After completion, please compress all relevant documents and upload the compressed file (zip./rar.) to the AIS system

Instruction to Editors

It is a pleasure to work with you on this project. Your returned manuscript will be assessed from the four dimensions listed below. One star is assigned to each dimension. If the requirements in the dimension are met, one star will be given. Experts winning more stars for a project are likely to have a rise in remuneration and more chances for future collaborations.

Star Evaluation Dimension Specific requirements
Grammar, punctuation, style, and format
  • Correct all errors in grammar and punctuation.
  • Correct errors in numbering of section titles, tables, figures, equations, formulae, etc.
Technical accuracy
  • Correct errors in terminology and technical presentation; ensure technical consistency.
  • Provide acronyms of terminologies at first mention when necessary, and ensure consistency in the use of acronyms.
Presentation and logic improvement Improve wording and phrasing to improve readability; Restructure sentences, provide necessary conjunctions, and adjust the order of paragraphs to improve the logical flow.
Content-related comments
  • Pinpoint problems in the research content, presentation, theoretical framework, and other content-related issues, and provide suggestions for improvement;
  • Provide comments to ambiguous expression.
Cooperation Provide timely response to inquiries from our in-house editors or authors; Provide on-going support for revision.
2. On-time delivery

We are committed to 100% on-time delivery of work to our authors. Please carefully read the Project Overview and Details, especially the "deadline" and "remuneration", to check whether you are available for the project before you click "accept". If you need an extension of the deadline, please inform us by mail, WeChat, or other contacts available at least one working day in advance to reset the deadline. Any breach of the agreed deadline in other cases is likely to incur deduction in remuneration.




星级 指标 详情 具体指标
语言质量 评估终稿1)是否随意增译漏译;2)是否有严重机翻;3)是否有语法、大小写、标点等问题、4)行文是否流畅
  • 无随意增译漏译、机翻问题
  • 无基础语法问题,无主语缺失句;
  • 无大小写、标点、空格问题
  • 单位与公式变量的上下标和正斜体语原文一致
  • 根据实际情况合理断句、调整句型结构、句段顺序、适当意译,保证行文流畅,逻辑清晰
术语准确性 评估终稿中术语是否准确、是否全文一致
  • 术语准确且前后文一致
文风、格式 评估终稿是否符合科技论文格式与文风
  • 根据实际情况调整文内引用格式
  • 根据参考文献列表核对文内引用
  • 纠正标题、图、表序号错误
  • 了解并严格遵循术语的缩写规则,能在首次提及时,提供专业缩写的全称,之后延用缩写
  • 文风严谨,符合科技论文特点,不出现流水句、口语化特征明显的句子
专业意见 评估专家是否提供专业内容上、论文框架等提供意见
  • 能指出论文专业内容或框架等方面的缺陷,并提供建议
配合度 评估专家是否在稿件存在问题时,积极回应,是否配合返修
  • 能回应作者或质检编辑提出的问题;
  • 能积极配合返修





星级 维度 具体指标
  • 纠正了所有的拼写、单词层面的错误
  • 纠正了所有标点、空格错误
  • 修正了基础语法问题
论文格式 校正了文内引用格式、专业缩写、参考文献等问题
悬挂句、祈使句、句意不清等 修正了悬挂句、无主语句、句意不清等问题
重复内容、逻辑修正 删除了重复的单词、句段;改善了句段逻辑,对缺失成分的句子进行了批注
配合度 能回应作者或质检编辑提出的问题;能积极配合返修