Reviewer Invitation for The Journal of Immunology Research
医学与药学 英文

We are looking for reviewers for The Journal of Immunology Research. Journal of Immunology Research is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that provides a platform for scientists and clinicians working in different areas of immunology and therapy. The journal publishes research articles and review articles related to classical immunology, molecular immunology, clinical immunology, cancer immunology, transplantation immunology, immune pathology, immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases, immune disorders, and immunotherapy.

If you are interested in the above subjects, you are welcomed to join us as a reviewer.

As a reviewer, you are expected to give your comments based on the principles of objectivity, fairness and professionalism, and offer a chance to the authors to improve the manuscript. 

Here are the tips for the reviewers:

1) Candidates will be invited by journal editors for peer review and provide their comments in English.

2) All reviewers are expected to complete their review within 15 days.

3) It is suggested that the reviewer’s comments include both the overall evaluation (eg. significance, novelty, highlights, defects) and the specific suggestions (at least 5 points).


After AIS confirms your application, please kindly send your name, affiliation, and affiliation e-mail to the email in the attachment.

Yishi Chen

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2. 完成期限


3. 其他



Instructions for Reviewers

Please review the manuscript objectively, and carefully complete the report. The report will be assessed and remuneration will be provided based on the result of assessment. Thank you for your cooperation.

The report will be evaluated by its integrity and reference value. Should no professional guidance be provided in the report, the report will be rejected and the task will be terminated

1.1 Integrity [5 points]

[Ⅰ]. 0.2 point / item (8 items in total), items of secondary importance;

[Ⅱ]. 0.4 point / item (3 items in total), items of primary importance;

[Ⅲ]. 0.8 point / item (3 items in total), items of primary importance; assessment and comments on these items need to be made from two aspects: the logical flow in writing and the research topic, and only 0.4 point will be given if either aspect is not evaluated.

1.2 Reference value [5 points]

You need to provide professional modification suggestions based on the logical flow in writing, research topic and other issues regarding the manuscript. Modification suggestions are divided into three levels: general, clear, and detailed, which deserve 0, 1, and 2 points, respectively.

2. Task turnaround

You need to return the completed report within 7 days. If necessary, contact the editor to apply for an extension of the deadline. For any breach of the agreed deadline in other cases, the task will be terminated and no remuneration for the task in question will be provided

3. Miscellaneous

You are free to review manuscripts by your personal habits (e. g., making revisions or leaving comments in the original text), but the evaluation needs to cover all items listed in the report. After completion, please compress all relevant documents and upload the compressed file (zip./rar.) to the AIS system

Instruction to Editors

(for Copyediting & Language Polishing projects)

It’s a pleasure for us to work with you on this project. Please carefully review the Project Overview and Details before accepting the project. The following are some points that you may need to pay attention to when editing the project.

1.Copyediting projects
Checkpoints Items score
Grammar Check Spelling; article usage; tense; subject-verb agreement; propositions; pronouns and determiners; adverbs and adjectives; relative clauses 3
Language check Word choice; clarity; tone; voice; sentence construction; redundancy 3
Punctuation check Comma, colon, semicolon, hyphen, en-dash, em-dash, quotation mark, period, etc. 2
Writing style check Capitalization, hyphenation, headings, numbering style, abbreviations, American/British English 2
Accuracy of subject-specific terminology Accurate and consistent presentation of subject-specific terms 2
2.Language polishing projects
Checkpoints Items score
Grammar Check See Requirements (1), (2) and (3) for copyediting projects 4
Technical accuracy Technical word choice; subject-specific terminology; appropriate units of measurement, symbols, and variables. 3
Style and consistency check Writing style check: capitalization, hyphenation, numbering style, American/British English consistency; Reference check: consistent citation style, cross-referencing between main text and end list; Figures & Tables: data consistency, cross-referencing between text and figures/tables. 2
Structural & content flow enhancement Logical flow between sentences and paragraphs; Clarity and coherence; Removal of repetitive and redundant content; Provision of advice regarding the content or structural completeness of the manuscript. 3
3.Project turnaround

We are committed to 100% on-time delivery; therefore, you have the option to decline an assignment if you feel you will be unable to meet the deadline or if you do not have the appropriate subject matter expertise. If you have already accepted the project and need an extension of the deadline, please inform us by email ( or other contacts we provide in the Project Overview page at least one working day in advance to reset the deadline. Any breach of the agreed deadline in other cases will incur deduction in remuneration.


(1)Editors can refer to the “Editor Guide” we have provided for some stylistic guidelines;

(2)If there are some issues deserving special attention from our in-house editor, please provide comments in the manuscript or leave a message when returning the revised manuscript to our AiS platform;

(3)Each project will be scored according to the scoring standards given above. Each project will be scored on a 12-point scale. A project receiving a score below 7 will be returned for revision: if the project meets the requirement after the first round of revision, it will be accepted and no deduction in remuneration will be incurred; if the project fails to meet the requirements after the first round of revision, but the editor agrees to make further revisions and meets the requirement at last, at least 10% of the remuneration will be forfeited; if the project fails to meet the requirement after more than two rounds of revision, at least 50% of the remuneration will be forfeited; if the project receives a score below 7 and the editor refuses to make revisions, the project will be terminated and no remuneration will be provided.

(4)For any inquiries regarding the instruction, you are free to reach us at or




评分项 主要方面与内容 分值
译文完整性 需完成全部指定内容的翻译(包含图片、表格、参考文献等)。未翻译的句段(省译情况除外),视为漏译,漏译会被要求返修。 4
语法准确性 1)拼写正确
术语准确与一致性 1)术语需准确翻译。结合自身专业知识及借鉴权威网站等进行术语翻译,避免自行直译。
论文格式 1)大小写一致(含章节)
行文逻辑&流畅度 1)需意译而非直译。需在理解原文的基础上,可对句段进行适当调整,以使句段逻辑准确,行文流畅;





(1)可参考出具的“Translator Guide”、“Editor Guide”以及 “译后自查指引”,对译文进行修改完善。